FEW Support Program: For Women Only, The Best Fitness and Weight Management Program
Phase One Supplements
In Phase One, you will burn fat, increase lean muscle, and relieve water retention.
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Phase Two Supplements
This phase of supplements will speed up your fat burn loss, increase your ability to create lean tissue.
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Phase Three Supplements
Phase Three is the final phase! You are ready!
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Check Your PH Levels Here
pH test strip
1. Check your pH levels once in the afternoon and once in the evening, recording your results in your journal.

2. When you receive your greens, mix once per day in a juice drink. Fusion made by V8 is your healthiest choice. Drink once per day for five days. On day six, re-check your pH levels once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Email Danny all your test results for evaluation.

pH test chart

Welcome to the FEW Program!
If you are visiting this site you are likely one of the thousands of women who have participated in one of my seminars. From this site you will be able to find all of the information and products that you will need for the FEW Program.

Over the next 90 days we will go on a journey to become the best we can. Most importantly, this program will be designed to find the best possible nutrition and exercise program JUST FOR YOU!

Super Greens Plus+

Order your Super Greens Plus+ by Calling us today 941-201-5849. You will receive a month supply that you will use Monday through Friday for at least the first month on the program.
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Check your pH levels using the pH urine testing kit you received at the seminar once in the afternoon & once in the evening. Record your levels in your journal. You will have two test strips left. Compare your urine strip to the color chart at at the left.
When you receive the Super Greens Plus+ mix it in a juice drink of your choice. "Fusion" made by V8 is the best choice. Do this every morning for five days. On the sixth day re-check your pH levels and email Danny & Janet all four of your test results at fewsupport.com